I have been taking photographs for over 50  years and have been participating in fine art shows and art festivals around the country since 2008.  I live in Macon, Georgia, and have displayed my work in many cities including Chicago and the surrounding suburbs, Detroit, Des Moines, Atlanta, Macon, Charlotte, Savannah, Myrtle Beach, Orlando, Jacksonville, Bloomington (IN), Casper (WY), Cape Cod, Nashua (NH), Petoskey (MI), Brookfield (WI), Annapolis, and Washington, DC.  

I take photos of a variety of subjects, ranging from landscapes and flowers to architecture and more abstract patterns and textures, both man-made and naturally occurring.  My landscape photographs include many National Parks and other scenic areas from coast to coast, often incorporating a sunrise or sunset.  I try to capture unique subjects and special moments in time. Some of my more popular works are a series of photos taken in slot canyons in the desert Southwest and a series of close-ups of stained glass windows.  Like everyone my age, I started in film, but my current photographs are all digital.  The size of my work ranges from framed miniatures (2.5 x 3.5 inches) to large scale works.

In addition to the traditional technique of using archival photo paper with mats and frames, I have found that many people prefer my work produced on wood and canvas.  The photos on wood are printed on archival photo paper, glued to the wood, and then laminated to protect the image from moisture, UV light, and fingerprints.  The canvas ones are printed directly on the canvas and then stretched around the hidden frame like an oil painting. The framed works, wood mountings, and canvas works are all ready to hang.  I also sell matted photos for those who like to do the framing themselves.

Questions? Send me an email or call me at 847-418-1557.

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